Monday, September 26, 2022

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No matter how much your protect your data or how many safeguards you have in place, bad things happen. We need to prepare for the worst when it comes to valuable data - and that means backing up! 

Backing up data is the most important part of any network infrastructure - and it needs to be backed up securely. Ransomware attackers know that backups are your best option after being infected - so they seek to encrypt your backups. Hard drives fail - even backup drives! Here at CV Networks we offer to monitor your backups and store them on our remote servers where they are verified and validated daily to ensure that if they are needed, they are here and ready to go. 


We use top of the line

backup software and techniques

to ensure the safety of your data. 

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Coachella Valley Networks

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from attackers, viruses, and any

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